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Broadcasting from the 5th Floor -- Season 1


This student-led initiative involved the collaborative production of a podcast series on the subject of the “politics of death”. Applications for participation in the initiative were open to all undergraduate students (120) participating in the course Anthropology of Death taught by Prof. Papailias, as well as Prof. Papailias master’s and doctoral candidates working on related topics. Ten students participated and Prof. Papailias herself, producing podcasts individually and in small groups.

The topics on which the students created podcasts drew on the theoretical framework and empirical examples of the course in order to address pressing issues and topics of contemporary society, linking local/national events and concerns to global discussions and movements, as well as popular culture - from femicide and protests against police violence to the handling/disposal of the dead bodies infected by Covid-19 and those of refugees and migrants.

Through this project, students found a way to make their research and social/political concerns developed in the context of academic courses known to a general public, something that rarely happens in the Greek context. At the same time, they had the opportunity to receive feedback from the public who listened to their podcasts on their respective platforms and/or attended the community-facing event, thus creating important links between science and society. The podcast's second season launched in May 2022.

Organized by Penelope Papailias, University of Thessaly

Facilitators: Pantelis Probonas & Penny Paspali, University of Thessaly