Welcome to The Experimental Humanities Collaborative Network

Funding Opportunities

The Experimental Humanities Collaborative Network provides funding to support an array of innovation-encouraging micro-grants both locally at each of our partner institutions and across our network. Our institution-specific grant lines are essential for promoting student- and faculty-driven projects that play to the strengths of each individual institution. These grants enable more dynamic, participatory curricular offerings and become a way for community members at each institution to develop connections to EHCN and OSUN in general. Our network-wide grant lines support EHCN’s largest and most ambitious projects, and they emphasize collaborative, cross-network initiatives between two or more EHCN partners.

We promote projects that inspire:

  1. Critical reflection on the intersection of science, technology, media, art, and the humanities in response to the question: how does technology mediate what it means to be human?
  2. Hands-on and experiential learning: learning by doing, building, collaborating (between students, faculty, and/or staff), and experimenting.
  3. Critical, scholarly, and/or artistic work that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, especially between disciplines concerned with sciences & technology and disciplines concerned with the arts & humanities.
  4. Critical, scholarly, and/or artistic work that strives to make an impact on communities beyond the academy and that strives to promote a more equitable and just world.
  5. The creation of archives, pedagogical resources, research projects, and artworks that can be used and studied by partners across the EHCN.

The five numbered points above indicate the general “criteria” by which grant proposals to the EHCN will be evaluated. Not every project must satisfy all criteria, but priority will be given to proposals that take multiple criteria into consideration.

Available Opportunities:

currently no available opportunities