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WIRWIR Photography Exhibition

December 11, 2020 - December 12, 2020

WIRWIR, Berlin, Germany. Hosted by Bard College Berlin.

As part of the semesterly practicing arts marathon, Bard College Berlin’s (BCB) analog and digital photography classes hosted an exhibition at a new projectspace called WIRWIR in the busy and vibrant Berlin neighborhood, Neukölln. Each class had a dedicated window that showcased a 24 hour loop of projected images. The key idea was to create a “corona/lockdown friendly” exhibition which gives the audience and passersby a chance to engage with the analog and digital photography work through projections on the windows without having to come inside. At the same time, the exhibition became a chance to open up BCB’s photography showcase to a larger audience outside the campus and outside a traditional gallery setting. The first few hours of the presentation were celebrated with the students, neighbors and friends with hot drinks and warming soup. About 50 people came by, not to mention the neighbors looking through their windows. On the next day the students went to Gropius Bau, one of Europe’s most important exhibition venues, to look at a more traditional photography exhibition and then returned for the final hours of the 24 hour loop to reflect on the differences and impact of their exhibition style.

Organized by April Gertler and Carla Ahlander, BCB Photography Instructors