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Pankow Rally for Diversity

March 26, 2021 at 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

On campus at Bard College Berlin, Germany.

Communication with our neighbors regarding the ongoing violent right-wing attacks on the Bard College Berlin (BCB) campus revealed and confirmed that many Pankow residents in fact support diversity, engage in an open society, fight discrimination and right-wing extremism, and are happy to have BCB in the neighborhood as an educational and international hub. BCB’s Office of Civic Engagement sought to highlight voices for diversity and anti-discrimination in Pankow Niederschönhausen by holding a public gathering, while also recording and addressing the theme through various media such as posters, flyers, photography, etc., and communicating them with neighborhood partners and beyond. The project addressed some essential issues such as discrimination, racism, and inequality in our local and global communities. The project was a contribution to the International Weeks against Racism campaign and Pankow Joint Action against Racism and consisted of two main events: Banner for Diversity by BCB and participation in a bigger Joint Action Against Racism for Central Pankow with other local organizations. On March 26, neighbors and international students from BCB gathered on BCB campus to take a stand against racism. The BCB event featured the creation of a Pankow Banner of Diversity with participation of students and neighbors, chalk drawing activities for raising awareness, a small exhibit by the project SHORE for individual view, and interviews and a survey about why Pankow residents and organizations stand up against racism.

Project leader: Xenia Muth, BCB’s Office for Civic Engagement