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"Our Stadium"

A talk by artistic duo Marija Nemčenko and Anna Tüdős
July 12, 2021 at 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Online event hosted by European Humanities University

This talk addressed the interconnection between public space, sports, digital apps, and the human body (human health) from the perspective of civically engaged art. The talk was based on the practice of BRUT collective (Marija Nemčenko and Anna Tüdős), a multidisciplinary project encompassing art, pedagogy, and a socially engaged approach to architecture. The members, artist Marija Nemčenko and curator Anna Tüdős, work towards portraying a hopeful image of high-rise living, the strong communities within, and highlighting the necessity for public space and services. They are currently curating a summer school for children, living in peripheral areas in Glasgow, Scotland, where they will re-address the public space and re-consider how it can be utilized for the public, especially young people’s, well-being post the isolation caused by the global pandemic. The school project is based on research that explores how the sport was historically presented and exercised in an urban context, reflecting on Foucault’s notion that the body is political. In the case of Visaginas, the sport has always played an important role for the inhabitants of the city. Investigations into the city’s sport’s history will be complemented by the screening of the film “Cheer up, Virginijus!” (1961) By Viktoras Starošas and the presentation of international examples from BRUT Collective’s research, where prefabricated architecture allows for physical exercise. The duo will also introduce their long-term plan to develop a multifunctional app, that will be inspired by orienteering, running, or trekking apps, but they will use their features to create an interactive guided tour, in this case representing the sport’s history of Visaginas.

Marija Nemčenko, visual artist, educational activities facilitator, writer, and combat sports athlete working between Lithuania and Scotland.

Anna Tüdős, curator and researcher based between Glasgow, UK, and Budapest, Hungary.

Siarhei Liubimau, event organizer and discussion moderator

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