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Mixtec Codices and Community Museums

April 16, 2022 at 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Villa de Tututepec de Ocampo, Oaxaca, Mexico

The workshop “Mixtec Codices and Community Museums” was held in Tututepec with the Mixtec community and introduced the topic of museums and Mixtec codices to groups of various ages (children, youth, adults, and the elderly). We discussed the concept of curatorship in museums and what these museums might mean to the community. In pre-colonial times, Tututepec was one of the most important places to the Mixtec community and was also the place from where the famous Codex Iya Nacuaa I-II (Columbian-Becker) originated. This Codex is now split in two and its pieces are in the National Museum of Anthropology (Mexico) and the Museum für Völkerkunde in Vienna (Austria). For this reason, it was important to talk about the community’s relationship with the codex. We discussed the history of "Lord 8 Deer Jaguar Claw", the most famous ruler of the Mixteca who began his ascent to the throne here in Tututepec—which is also the territory in which we used the drone to document ancestral sites from an aerial viewpoint.

Workshop facilitator: Omar Aguilar Sánchez


Gwyneira Isaac